You can call us Cuker

When Madonna Louise Ciccone made the switch to the singular, well-known, recognizable Madonna it was quite an accomplishment. And while no one in this office will be wearing a risque wedding dress on stage or kissing Britney Spears (that we know of), we as well have accomplished quite a feat.

What was previously referred to as Cuker Design is now the singular, well-known, recognizable Cuker. When a noun no longer requires a modifier to make its purpose known, when a name becomes its own brand, you know something great has occurred. Now, this is not to sound pompous or overly confident, but we're not going to lie; we are proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years and we only plan on making an even bigger splash in the year to come.

2008 was a year of expansion and revelation for Cuker. We grew not only within our office but with our client base as well. Our eyes were opened to new possibilities and we have a feeling that in 2009 our true potential will be revealed.

So keep an eye out for Cuker as we move through the new year. We may just be that ray of light you never knew you always needed.


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