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  • Platform Consulting

    Requirements Our consulting team will help identify your business requirements and unique marketing and operational needs. We will develop a comprehensive set of requirements for platform evaluation. Evaluation Choosing the right platform that will offer the required features, capabilities and return on investment can be difficult to navigate. Our technology ...

  • Leveraging Technology to Empower and Inspire

    Leveraging Technology to Empower and Inspire

    At Cuker, we're always looking for ways to use technology and the Web to empower and inspire - especially in underprivileged or under-served communities. Inspired by a powerful 60 Minutes special, we recently donated iPads to a great organization called The Help Group in Los ...

  • Quiksilver


    Iconic surfing brand Quiksilver partnered with Cuker to launch the digital campaign for their Cypher Boardshorts line. Cuker partnered with Quiksilver to launch a fun and engaging digital strategy to support the launch of their new line of Cypher Boardshorts. The goals for the digital strategy were to promote the ...

  • The iPad Cometh

    Not since the time of Moses has a tablet been the object of such reverence and devotion. Hark, the Apple iPad is here!

  • Cuker Partners with ZEISS

    Cuker recently partnered with leading optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision to support the launch of ZEISS’s new collection of sport lenses.

  • Hitachi Ultrathin TV

    Hitachi Ultrathin TV

    At a mere 1.5 inches, Hitachi's UltraThin TV is a modern work of art, and this industry leader partnered up with Cuker Interactive to create a unique site featuring the groundbreaking product. Combining the well-known look and feel of the Hitachi brand with fresh and innovative technology to mirror the ...

  • Quiksilver "Go" Wins Design Award

    Quiksilver "Go" Wins Design Award

    The new Quiksilver Go site wins a best-of-the-web award for its state-of-the-art interactive platform spotlighting the iconic surf company's new Diamond Dobby Boardshort Technology.

  • Browser Size Still Matters

    Google Labs has created a very nice, statistically driven visualization of what different percentiles of users see of your website. Where visual effect is key, it is critical to keep in mind what is actually visible!

  • HTML5 Rocks

    HTML5 Rocks

    We have been watching HTML5 closely here at the Cuker Interactive tech team, and we just had to share this awesome presentation/interactive site made by Google to promote HTML5: Best viewed in Google Chrome, but some other browsers (like Firefox and Safari) show some of the great new ...

  • Quiksilver Go

    Quiksilver Go

    In the world of surfing, if someone says GO, you don't have a choice. You have to do it. So, when Quiksilver asked Cuker to build the GO website, we fully committed to creating the promotional platform for their new Diamond Dobby Boardshort Technology. We implemented a full frame site ...

  • CES 2016 Recap

    Cuker recently attended CES 2016, the renowned international electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

  • Android Mobile Advertising Packs a Punch

    Android Mobile Advertising Packs a Punch

    At the 2010 Google I/O conference, Google showed off the capabilities of their new mobile advertising system. Think rich media, interactive, location sensitive targeted mobile ads with the power and maturity of Google's Adsense, Adwords, Analytics and Doubleclick platforms. Awesome features include expanding ads, click to call, embeddable videos and ...

  • Cuker Partners with UCI for Digital Branding

    Cuker is pleased to announce that we have partnered with UC Irvine for a digital branding project.

  • Cuker Client Yuneec/Intel Wins Drone of the Year at CES

    Cuker client Yuneec, backed by global technology leader Intel, recently won Drone of the Year at CES 2016, the renowned international electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

  • Testing the Page Fold

    Technology has enabled us to verify our assumptions and intuitions, and as the revolution of web analytics has shown us, marketing and advertising is not exempt. Even design is subject to experimental evidence. This is an interesting read on using eye tracking and experiments to determine what impact designing for ...

  • Cuker Receives Recognition from DGA for the Quiksilver Viral Video

    Cuker Interactive was featured at the 2009 Directors Guild Digital Day event in Hollywood. Many of the top directors in LA showed up for the event which features innovative technology, hardware, software, and work. "The Spot" Viral Video produced by Cuker Interactive was the featured Viral Video for the event, ...

  • Seeking Fulfillment

    Seeking Fulfillment

    Warehousing and fulfillment operations never looked so cool! We're excited about the launch of, the new site for leading distribution and fulfillment operations company ProLog Logistics. We built the site to be engaging and user friendly, with a clean, compelling design and custom features like interactive illustrations ...

  • New Era, New Website

    New Era, New Website

    Over the past several years, Cuker has made an incredible transformation from our roots as a boutique digital design and branding shop to the full-service global digital marketing agency we are today.

  • Quiksilver Go Receives 2009 WebAward Honor

    Quiksilver Go Receives 2009 WebAward Honor

    The Quiksilver Go site was recently awarded the 2009 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development from the premier award recognition program for Web developers and marketers worldwide.

  • SIGGRAPH 2016 Recap

    The Cuker team recently attended SIGGRAPH 2016, the world’s largest, most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques.