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Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing

2XU partnered with Cuker for a global SEO strategy and digital thought leadership.

2XU, a global pioneer in compression gear, and performance gear for running, cycling, triathlon, swim, CrossFit, and more, partnered with Cuker to develop a global SEO strategy and deliver digital thought leadership for the growing brand.

2XU has focused on building the highest quality products for athletes from its inception through today. The brand started in Australia and has expanded to global markets including the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Japan.

While the brand has been exponentially growing and reaching new heights, the core values of 2XU have remain unchanged - there has been a continuing commitment to deliver top quality compression and performance products to multiply human performance and help people achieve their best.

Cuker worked with 2XU to develop optimal solutions to complex global challenges such as a strategy to manage the global domain and website structure. Cuker is partnering with 2XU’s internal team to enhance the global SEO strategy and defend the brand’s leadership position.

2XU joins a growing roster of performance and endurance sports brands in Cuker’s portfolio including Giro, Nike, Oakley, and X-1.

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