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Callaway – ARCHIVED: Redefining Golf GPS

Web App, eCommerce Website & Digital Marketing

Cuker partnered with uPro to build, launch, and market a revolutionary golf GPS product which was quickly acquired by Callaway Golf where we continued our partnership to grow the business.


The Opportunity

Golf courses continually modify their distances, hazards, fairways, and other aspects. This causes a unique challenge for golf GPS devices manufacturers. Golf course GPS data changes on a daily basis and requires constant software updates in order to have the most up to date information. When uPro GPS received its funding the uPro executive team knew they had one shot to get it right and change the market forever.

Other golf GPS devices required its customers to order DVD’ s of course information.The DVD then needed to be loaded to a computer, the data would be installed on the computer, and then finally installed on the golf GPS device.Not only was this process cumbersome for golfers but extremely time consuming. uPro knew that if golfers could download courses to their uPro GPS like iTunes customers download music to their iPhones the industry would be changed forever.



The uPro Website showcases innovative features of the device. The look and feel of the website had to be on par with the level of design expected by the quality sensitive golf consumer.


The user experience for the web based software was architected to make it easy to update your GPS device and purchase course information.


Revenue Model

uPro had a challenge establishing the best revenue model for the software that delivered the courses. Cuker worked with uPro to establish a credit based system for purchasing course information.


Software and Device Integration

The Cuker sofware team developed the custom application for managing user profiles, course information, online purchasing, and integration to the device firmware. As the customer response increased, so did the load on the application and server. Working closely with the firmware team, Cuker developed software that resided on the device, and defined the protocol to communicate between the firmware and the web application, for a seamless course purchase and synchronization experience. Cuker had full accountability for managing the servers that ran the website and software.We have gone through multiple scaling points as the customer base has grown into a huge network.



Eye catching packaging was designed to stand out and make the device jump off of the shelf and into your golf bag.


Online Store

An online store was developed for purchasing the uPro device and accessories.



Additional sites and variations of the software were developed for UK and Canada with regionalized content and currencies.

Search Engine Marketing

The website was marketed on search engines to drive traffic and purchasing customers. We performed extensive keyword research, developed a detailed competitor analysis, and wrote engaging, A/B tested ads that attracted visitors and generated conversions.


The Results

Prior to the official market launch uPro had significant pre order sales. In less than a year the company was profitable and selling product nationally. With these types of results uPro was very attractive for acquisition. uPro was being approached by many industry leaders who sought to acquire the company. In the end Callaway Golf successfully acquired uPro a year and a half after its launch for an undisclosed amount of money. Callaway immediately retained Cuker for continued scaling, support, and evolution of the uPro Website and Web Application because of the proven track record of constant on-time launches, reliability for spikes in traffic, and ongoing strategy that has helped produce millions in revenue.


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