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Dogswell – ARCHIVED: Fetching engagement.

Digital Strategy

Cuker partnered with premium and natural pet food brand Dogswell to collaboratively develop the social media strategy to support Dogswell’s brand update.

Dogswell is a Los Angeles-based pet brand that creates natural, premium pet food and treats that are free of any corn, wheat, soy or other fillers. The strategic partnership with Cuker will help create awareness for the emerging brand among a larger audience building brand recognition and driving retail sales.

The new Social Media Strategy will capture Dogswell’s new brand messaging and stimulate engagement across Social Media. One of the key focuses for the strategy was going “beyond facebook”. By analyzing the audience for each social channel separately, Cuker developed a segmented messaging and content strategy specifically for each social channel. By taking a strategic approach to each audience, we developed the strategy to create engagement and build followers on instagram, twitter, and youtube. As the social strategy continues to be implemented more awareness will be built for the brand.

Dogswell joins a growing roster of clients in the natural food industry for Cuker. At Cuker, our strategists, creatives, and dog-lovers will be passionately working on the account to grow the Dogswell Brand.

Digital Marketing

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