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Emergen-C – ARCHIVED: A Healthy Boost

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Emergen-C is the quirky orange fizzy drink, packed with Vitamin-C to keep you healthy and energized. Cuker and Emergen-C partnered to launch a disruptive digital strategy that captures the attention of their target consumer, drives retail, and helps the brand fend off competition from similar products in the category.

The partnership with Emergen-C was created because of Cuker’s experience in marketing Action Sports, and Active lifestyle brands. Emergen-C, while selling a healthy vitamin supplement, has positioned their brand as a part of a healthy and active lifestyle. We worked with Emergen-C to provide a creative direction to attract their target consumer online.

Cuker launched an integrated digital marketing campaign that broadcasted the brand through targeted media online. We created visually disruptive digital ads using rich media to have fizzy bubbles take over the screen. We drove trial through each digital touchpoint. We launched emails to customers to maintain brand awareness within Emergen-C’s customer list. We launched search marketing initiatives, driving traffic and trial from Search Engines. Lastly, we updated the infrastructure of the Emergen-C website adding a CMS, for easier updating with event content, new products, and campaign landing pages.

Our partnership with Emergen-C yielded growth in their customer list, increased trial, increased traffic, and helped the brand connect with their target audience.

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