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Rip Curl - Website


It takes a surfer to understand Rip Curl’s mission – “The Search”. It takes a team of surfers to deliver a digital platform that reaches to core of the surf culture. At Cuker we were stoked to take on the challenge. Rip Curl Stands for quality products including wetsuits, watches, and apparel.Rip Curl Stands behind their products with the best warranty and return policy in the industry for which they’ve grown a strong reputation.Ultimately Rip Curl wants to empower the surfer with everything they need to live their Search.We committed from the beginning to deliver an online experience that is on the same level as their brand, their products, and their reputation.


Rip Curl has an extensive product line and we needed to create the optimal information architecture so that the user can easily find the products through an intuitive navigation.



After exploring several homepage options we selected the best design. We incorporated key stakeholders from Rip Curl in the design process to ensure that the design matches their brand and the culture.


Social Media was integrated on the all of the product touch points to encourage users to share products with their friends.



With mobile optimized layouts, Surfers can shop on the go. We implemented the most advanced HTML5 to make the mobile performance ultra fast.

If I buy my wetsuit online, how do I know it fits? How do I choose the right one?

The Rip Curl Wetsuit Selector, that’s how. Cuker concepted and created an interactive “Wetsuit Selector” that allows surfers to select their gender, zip preference, season, region, height, weight, and performance features to find the right size and type of wetsuit.


Product Navigation

With intuitive navigation and drop downs you can easily shop Rip Curl’s product line and find what you need to live your search on land, water or snow.


The Results

As a result, of the fun collaboration, the online store platform has re-energized Rip Curl’s Brand online. The initial revenue generate from the store has almost doubled initial expectations setup out by the client. The web is now a strong platform for Rip Curl and ultimately delivers the right user experience that supports the Rip Curl brand.

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