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Royal Hawaiian – ARCHIVED: Live aloha.

Branding, eCommerce Website & Digital Marketing

Cuker partners with Royal Hawaiian to launch a healthy macadamia brand for the modern conscious (and digital) consumer.

The Opportunity

M.L. Orchards, one of the world’s largest macadamia nut manufacturers approached Cuker to help launch a new Macadamia Nut brand. This project started with a unique idea and a zip lock baggy with macadamia nuts. The idea was that most macadamias are sold as dessert treats or chocolate covered snacks and M.L. Orchards wanted to be different offering healthy savory seasoned nuts and sweet fruit and nut clusters. The vision was that they would be packaged in easy portable and resealable packages for the modern, healthy conscious, active, and on-the-go consumer. With that idea in mind, the client gave Cuker a zip lock baggy with a sample of the nuts and it was our task as the agency to do the rest! Build the brand, the packaging, the POP, develop the website, and create the integrated marketing strategy for taking the brand to market. We love the opportunity, and starting with a blank canvas we went through a fun and rigorous creative process to launch the new brand.


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