San Diego Union Tribune – Daily Deals

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The San Diego Union Tribune is currently the leading newspaper in San Diego, providing a printed newspaper to the area since 1868. With the emergence of the digital age, the newspaper industry has been forced to re-envision their business model. Many newspapers have shut their doors, others have innovated and prospered. Cuker partnered with the San Diego Union Tribune to build digital revenue sources empowering the SDUT to thrive in the digital age.

The partnership with Cuker began with the creation of the Daily Deals platform which provides limited time promotions for local businesses. While other national players like Groupon and Living Social popularized the Daily Deals model, we saw the opportunity to build an optimal approach by bringing the Daily Deals model to a local market. Cuker developed a simple and intuitive interface for the Daily Deals platform. We built custom promotions that has empowered the SDUT’s sales team to sell special packages. We integrated social media to the platform to expand the visibility for the growing program. We also worked with the SDUT to run campaigns and promotions to promote the Daily Deals platform to build the customer base.

The new platform hit record breaking numbers for the SDUT. Within 6 months of launching the new website, promotions were run that sold over 300,000 deals in a day. By developing the Daily Deals platform for the San Diego Union Tribune, we have created a strong digital revenue model that is helping the newspaper compete in the new digital age.

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