Silver Oak – #LifeIsACabernet

Social Media

We partnered with Silver Oak’s social media and PR teams to launch a website update and social media campaign. We launched targeted paid advertising, integrated social to the website and email, and supported content curation for the campaign.


Cuker led the digital strategy for Silver Oak’s “Life Is A Cabernet” social media campaign to engage Silver Oak fans with a grassroots approach to creating and sharing content.


We engaged and inspired an audience that loves the Silver Oak brand.


We were able to broadcast the engagement and user generated content in an authentic way, staying true to the 40 - year - old iconic brand and heroing Silver Oak’ s most important asset - their loyal fans!

We also discovered that the Silver Oak brand represents much more than just premium Cabernet. It’s a brand that people want to be a part of, a form of self expression, a lifestyle - and we thank you for all those posts, tweets, selfies, and comments showing us what Silver Oak means to you.

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