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Sony - Xperia Mobile App

Cuker developed a fun carnival-like Android app for a nationwide event marketing campaign promoting the launch of Sony’s newest waterproof smartphone, the Xperia Z. This exciting shoot-the-target game invites players to shoot a water gun at moving targets as they rotate between nine of the phone’s 5” screens. Cuker’s app cycles between duckies (targets) and dogs (decoys), only stopping once the player hits a duck with the water gun.

Sony phone with xperia app being submerged in water

Cuker also developed a controller version that invites other devices to participate, selects the targets, and sets the time for each target to appear. Our expert developers built a custom technical solution that establishes a communication between the devices without having to be connected to an existing WiFi network.

This fun and creative game was played at malls around the country exclusively on Sony’s sleek, innovative and durable water-resistant smartphone.

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