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ViX Swimwear – ARCHIVED: Unparalleled beauty.

Digital Strategy, eCommerce Website & Marketing

ViX partnered with Cuker to develop a digital strategy to help grow the brand online, build direct sales, build a strong social media presence, and support their retail channel. We quickly discovered that ViX’s target audience seeks out new styles of bikinis and swimwear online based on trends, what celebrities are wearing, and the desire to find unique styles. Our goal was to establish a digital experience catered to this motivated digital fashionista, and make it easy to buy bikinis online.

In order to achieve our goal we had to develop an effective strategy to overcome a few key challenges. First, when you order a bikini online, you can’t try it on so we had to develop a visual communication strategy that explains different cuts and fits for different body shapes. Next we had to make the shopping experience easy. This isn’t like selling tee-shirts. With bikinis you need to buy different sized tops and bottoms, and you may want different cuts or styles for each. We not only had to solve this user experience challenge on desktop, but we also created an easy user experience for ordering on mobile devices with limited screen real estate. Lastly, we had to create a strategy to compete with Victoria’s Secret, and some of the largest online retailers in the world to capture traffic and awareness online. We developed an integrated Digital Marketing strategy that included maximizing exposure on Search Engines through SEO and PPC, Social Media, and email Marketing.

By developing the premier website in the Luxury Swimwear category and implementing an integrated digital marketing strategy, we helped grow ViX’s online sales by 4x and supported the brand’s growth in their wholesale channel.

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