2007 Internet Advertising Trends

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, total US spending on Internet advertising will reach at least $19.5 billion in 2007. This is 19% more than total spending in 2006. The popularity of the Internet continues to grow as more and more people are getting online and incorporating the Web in almost every part of their every day lives. In 2008, online advertising spending is expected to reach $23.8 billion.

Of the $19.5 billion to be spent on online advertising in the US in 2007, "emerging media" is projected to be a large percentage. The most popular forms of emerging media include search engine advertising, online video, blogs, podcasting and social networking. Cuker Design is on the forefront of each of these new forms of media. Many of the websites designed by Cuker Design contain at least one element of emerging media, if not more. Sites like GearBox (www.gearboxrb.com) and Plan B Skateboarding (www.planbskateboarding.com) include video, blogs, podcasting and social networking features.

Search engine advertising, or pay-per-click marketing, is estimated to account for 27% of online advertising expenses in 2007. Search engine marketing is one of the most appealing methods of driving traffic to a website mainly due to three key factors: 1) Targeted audience 2) Ability to track campaign success 3) Low cost per conversion. Cuker Design's search engine marketing professionals are certified with both Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords.