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Cookies above Google Logo

Google is Going Cookieless

Digital advertising in a cookieless world.

Google Gemini Logo

Say “Hello” to Google’s Gemini

Google reintroduces Bard as Gemini and rolls out Gemini Advanced and new mobile experiences.

Meta Logo

Everything You Need to Know About Meta AI

Learn more about the latest AI experiences from Meta.

People celebrating under a Klaviyo banner

Klaviyo’s IPO

Klaviyo, one of the leading marketing automation platforms, just went public. Learn more about its IPO debut and what the future holds for the company.

Threads and X (formally Twitter) Logos

What's Really Going On With Threads & X?

Can Threads compete with X (formerly Twitter)? Discover the latest updates and what we can expect from the future of the text-based social media platforms.

Arrows pointing up on a graph

Cuker’s 2023-2024 Digital Trends Report

Discover the latest industry trends, new technology, consumer behavior, and more!

A human hand reaching for a robot's hand

AI-Powered Search Engines

Learn how AI is revolutionizing the way we search for information and create content.

AI text in the center of a circlr

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence tools are empowering digital marketers but not replacing them.

Stock photos of influencers

Building an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Works

Discover the steps of an effective influencer marketing strategy and how it can boost brand visibility, credibility, and ROI.

Neon lit OTT sign

OTT is the Next Social Media Ads

Discover how OTT / Connected TV is collapsing the funnel and transforming the marketing industry.

A woman doing grocery shopping on her iPad

The Digital Grocery Shelf Space

With purchases more digitally influenced than ever before, understanding where products are on the internet—and how to maximize that space—will drastically impact your brand’s visibility.

Neon lit arrow going forward and up

Proven Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Learn how to boost your brand success and increase sales by optimizing your site.

Hand holding phone with like notifications popping up

How to Boost Social Media Engagement

Learn how to increase your social media engagement and get more followers, likes, and shares.

Worker typing on computer with orange arrow pointing positively up

10 Content Marketing Tips for Success

Create content that improves your online presence and generates more visitors, leads, and sales.

Finger pointing to search bar icon

Understanding SEO and SEM

What is SEO? What is SEM? Do you need both? Get answers and learn how to effectively use SEO and SEM to achieve your goals online.

Paper airplanes coming out of an envelope

Ways to Improve Email Click-Through Rate

What is email CTR? Can a good CTR drive more revenue? Learn ways to help boost your click-through rate and make your email campaigns more effective.

Magnet with paper people attached to it

Affiliate Marketing For Brands

Learn how affiliate marketing can help your brand increase reach, awareness, and revenue.

Person working on computer

Tips to Enhance Your Website’s User Experience (UX)

Looking to improve your site's UX? Here are ways to boost user engagement, satisfaction, and conversion.

"Retargeting" in neon next to a neon target

Creating an Effective Retargeting Strategy (to Achieve Greater ROI)

Keep your brand top of mind and in front of your audience with an effective retargeting strategy.

A TV with OTT streaming services

A Comprehensive Guide to OTT Advertising

What is OTT? How can it help your brand? The following guide will provide answers and list best practices to maximize results.

Woman working on a laptop in a local business

Effective Local Marketing Tactics That Drive Traffic

Reaching an audience within a specific geographic area can boost awareness, traffic, and sales.

Woman looking at pictures on a table with a camera

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content drives today's digital marketing campaigns. Learn why it helps develop brand presence and boosts sales.

A venn diagram of UX and SEO overlapping

The Critical Link Between UX and SEO

Understand the connection of UX and SEO and discover ways to improve both simultaneously.

Hand holding Instacart on mobile

How Instacart is Connecting the Online and In-store Shopping Experience

Expanding the shopping experience (online and in-store) and changing how retailers connect with customers.

Woman influencer holding phone

How Can Influencers Help Your Brand?

Understand the power of influencers and how they can boost awareness, engagement, and help grow your brand.

Hands holding mobile phone next to present

Digital Marketing Strategy for Success this Holiday Season

How brands can be a step ahead with a strategy that meets new shopping demands and customer expectations.

Woman smiling at her phone reading a text

SMS Marketing 101

Everything you need to know about SMS marketing and how to use it to your advantage.

Phone being held up with Amazon Marketing Cloud

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Curious about Amazon Marketing Cloud? Learn the benefits of AMC and how it can boost business.

Hand drawn Bar chart showing growth

Navigating a Recession with Effective Marketing

What brands can do to stay ahead in the face of an economic downturn.

User using visual search to purchase online

Benefits of Visual Search for eCommerce

See the advantages of visual search and how it can effectively boost your eCommerce revenue.

Hands holding up Like Icon

Driving Sales from Social Media in a Post iOS Era

Understand the impact of iOS 14 and how brands can generate sales on social media.

Crowd walking across a yellow crosswalk

How to Use Buyer Personas for Better Conversion Rates

Understanding and relating to audiences on a personal level can help win them over.

Animated hands holding up different online commerce products

Social Commerce: Growing Your Brand’s Sales on Social Media

Evolving social platforms help brands build long-term customer relationships and increase sales.

AI icon that looks like a microchip

Enhancing User Experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here's how AI and UX work together to enhance a customer's experience on your site.

A crowd of people being targeted because of personalized data

Creating Personalized Experiences with Zero Party Data

Leveraging zero-party data can help build more personalized experiences.

Finger pointing on shopping cart icon

Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment affects eCommerce. Learn about creative ways to get customers to hit the 'buy now' button.

User holding phone with with overlay of data charts

How Data Helps Shape Brand Storytelling

Create a data-driven presentation that connects with your target audience.

User looking at NFT's

What are NFTs and How Can Brands Use Them?

Utilizing digital assets help brands connect with customers, and more.

Hand holding up levels of cryptocurrency

The Impact of Cryptocurrency on eCommerce

What is cryptocurrency and how is it affecting eCommerce?

Woman wearing futuristic Metaverse glasses

Understanding the Metaverse and its Impact on the Future of Digital Marketing

See how brands are successfully leveraging the Metaverse to grow awareness.

10 Things That Will Make Customers Love Your Brand

10 Things That Will Make Customers Love Your Brand

Connect with your audience and make them fall in love with your company.

Millennial Parents

Marketing To Millennial Parents

Redefining communication efforts will help brands connect with this highly selective group.

Grocery eCommerce

The Top Grocery eCommerce Platforms in the U.S.

From Instacart to Amazon Fresh, how we shop for groceries is changing forever.

Leveraging Big Data

How to Leverage Big Data for Smarter Marketing

Whether to improve loyalty or optimize business performance, leveraging big data can help you achieve your goals.

Culture for Digital Age

Building a Culture for the Digital Age

For brands to thrive today, a creative, collaborative culture that breaks down hierarchy is key.

5 Keys To eCommerce Success

5 Keys to eCommerce Success

What are the keys to building eCommerce Success? Let's look at 5 ways to shape your strategy.

Mobile Optimzed

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile?

As Google moves forward with mobile first indexing, optimizing your mobile website experience is vital.


Women-Owned Online Businesses

Shopping these brands helps empower women and helps close the business gender gap.


Supporting Black-Owned Online Businesses

Celebrate Black History Month – order amazing products online and help these brands thrive now and in the future.

CPG Brands Turn To Digital

CPG Brands Turn To Digital Marketing During Pandemic

From direct eCommerce to social, digital is paving the new way for CPG.


The Power and Possibilities of Digital in a Global Crisis

How digital and social platforms influence the way we connect with life.

Lady on bike holding mobile phone

10 Ways To Use Social Media More Responsibly

Being aware of your usage, engagement, and time on social media can be beneficial to your life.

Agency Life at Cuker

Agency Life at Cuker

Experience a day in the life at Cuker and see how we create a culture for success.


The Power of Brand Storytelling

When done right, brand storytelling creates trust, affinity, and can turn people into lifelong customers.