The DynamicBrand™

The DynamicBrand™

Branding for the digital age.

A brand is no longer a static identity, communicating to a passive audience. A brand is the living, breathing embodiment of your business – an experience consumed by an active engaged audience. It is the powerful force that shapes your reputation and defines who you are and what you offer.

While a brand delivers an immediate impression of a company, a DynamicBrand™ is the culmination of the thoughts, perceptions and feelings associated with your company over time. It conveys your brand’s vision, voice, and values through each customer touch point. A DynamicBrand™ continually evolves, collecting customer feedback, adapting, and innovating with changes in technology and consumer behavior.

The DynamicBrand™ Construct

Creating an engaging brand experience.

The DynamicBrand™ Construct

A DynamicBrand™ is comprised of three components – rational, emotional, and cultural. These 3 components communicate the values, story, and philosophy of the company it represents to its targeted audience.


The rational component conveys to the consumer that this product will meet their needs. This is the tangible, material elements of the products and services, the company’s approach, and the integrity of delivery. This is the realm of the logical, with a focus on the functional benefits of the products offered – features, price, and utility.


The emotional component determines which brand the customer will choose. This component is designed to connect with the consumer’s emotions, motivating them to buy while creating loyalty to the brand. This is the realm of feelings, sensory experiences, and perceptions of value, with imagery or descriptions that are engaging, intimate, pleasurable, and gratifying.


The cultural component is the tailoring of the brand to the language, values, and style of the audience that it is targeting. To be influential and inspire action, the brand must speak the same language as the community and share the same beliefs as the audience it targets.

DynamicBrand Experience Brain Diagram

The Buying Cycle

Branding the customer journey.

The buying cycle is a complex process that spans from the initial awareness of a product or brand to the decision to purchase. A successful brand, a DynamicBrand™ must simpliy the process and express itself throughout this journey to inspire consumers during each phase of the buying cycle.

Customer Journey Arc


The first phase of the Buying Cycle is Discovery, where the consumer first learns about the product or brand. Since first impressions last a lifetime, this is a critical time to reach consumers and create an instant positive association towards the brand.


The second phase is Exploration, where the consumer gathers information about the product by utilizing websites, social media, and word-of mouth. Effective marketing collateral, a positive online reputation and engaging web communications are essential for attracting consumers to choose your brand.


During the Decision phase, the consumer has researched the options and now knows what their needs are. This is your opportunity to prove that your product or service will fulfill these specific needs. Your messaging must be clear, easy-to-understand and compelling to evoke the emotional system - the primal, subconscious force that has the largest influence on decision-making.


Now that the consumer is ready to buy, it's critical to make it simple. Move them through the purchase / checkout process as quickly and conveniently as possible. A quick transaction process, hassle-free order fulfillment process and customized remarketing communication strategies all contribute to a successful DynamicBrand™ experience.

Customer Touch Points

Customer Touch Points Diagram

A unified brand experience.

A DynamicBrand™ connects with the targeted audience at every customer touch point through each stage of the buying cycle. Consistent, compelling messaging across customer touch points motivates your audiences, confirms your credibility, builds trust for your products and services, and drives loyalty to your brand.

Elevating Your Brand

Building A DynamicBrand™

Building a DynamicBrand™ is a comprehensive process that turns your company's vision, voice, and values into an engaging customer journey, driving broad awareness and affinity within your targeted audience.

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