2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Break Records

This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday both smashed records for online revenue. While experts had previously predicted that they would be big, even the most optimistic projections fell short of actual sales numbers.

Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day generated about $1.93 billion in online revenue, an 11.5% increase over last year. Mobile accounted for $771 million in revenue, accounting for 40% of website sales.

Black Friday In 2016, Black Friday went digital. Shopping results from Black Friday prove that more and more consumers are turning to online shopping. Americans spent an estimated $3.34 billion online during Black Friday, surpassing last year’s numbers by 21.6%. Black Friday 2016 also became the first day in eCommerce history to drive over $1 billion dollars in mobile revenue.

Cyber Monday This year Cyber Monday shattered sales records and become known as the biggest online sales day in the history of eCommerce. Consumers spent a total of $3.45 billion online during Cyber Monday. And of that $3.45 billion, mobile sales accounted for $1.07 billion.

Already, Holiday 2016 is proving to be a record-setting season for eCommerce. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shattered records, while the rest of December is expected to be especially merry for online retailers as well.