Building Brand Awareness Through Effective Search Engine Marketing

Paid search spending is up more than 40%, overpowering all other forms of Internet marketing and advertising. Search Engine Marketing is responsible for an extremely high percentage of marketing success. In 2006, American based advertisers spent $9.4 billion on Search Engine Marketing for Google alone according to SEMPO, a non-profit association working to raise awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing.

SEM has been proven to be most effective when used with other forms of marketing such as e-mail and print advertising as well as complete brand imaging. But successfully integrating all forms of marketing is an effective tactic that doesn't unfold overnight.

At Cuker Design, our talented group of marketing experts understand what it takes to produce the most effective marketing strategy. After achieving effective SEM, comes the delicate part. Take a look at our campaign for No Fear: the website we created allowed us to impart our marketing efforts, which in turn increased their monthly online sales by 10,000%. No single medium of advertising could have boosted sales and increased consumer interest as much as with a combination of efforts. We revamped their website, utilized inventive email marketing, promoted and created events and designed a custom Myspace account. Voila. Instant success when done well.

Monitoring and creating optimized results is what drives brand awareness and company growth. This is exactly what Cuker Design strives to become paramount at through a tactile approach where we connect on a deeper level with our clients' target market and brand image. Working side by side with our clients is just another aspect that has contributed to our success and theirs.