Cuker Attends TEDxSanDiego 2015

This past weekend, the Cuker team attended TEDxSanDiego 2015, a forum that encourages and facilitates the unleashing of ideas which have the power to change our world.

The day began with Innovation Alley, which showcased San Diego’s most innovative companies and entrepreneurs. Next up was 20/20 Vision, which featured speakers and performers that focused on the idea of our desire to see the world around us clearly, while also examining what our world may look like in the year 2020.

Saturday’s event had over 1,500 attendees who were inspired by many great innovators and pioneers in their field. A clear takeaway from the event is that innovation, education, technology, and connectivity will be the foundation of our future.

There were countless event takeaways and speakers that moved us, but below we highlight two women who left us motivated and inspired:

Tererai Trent, a world-renowned scholar, humanitarian, educator and mentor is leading the global charge in the fight for quality education for all children. Her session titled “Gift of Adversity & the Right to Dream” shared her moving story of how she dreamt of having an education that she didn’t think was possible, and how she now tirelessly speaks on behalf of children, because it’s a “dream to educate all girls – education liberates us.” She also happens to be one of Oprah’s all-time favorite guests, who together with Save the Children have impacted almost 6,000 children.

Mallika Chopra is the founder of, a website focused on personal, social and global wellness. Her intent is to harness the power of social media to connect people from around the world who want to improve their own lives, their communities, and the planet. Her powerful speech about intent touched on being “in the now,” and how “intent comes from our soul and represents our deepest desires.” The room was filled with hope when she concluded, “it is everyday people who do extraordinary things.”

To learn more about Tererai Trent, Mallika Chopra, and all the other amazing speakers, you can visit the event website here.

Thank you to all the speakers and everyone at TEDxSanDiego. We look forward to attending more TED Talks and TEDxSanDiego events in the future!

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