Cuker CEO Featured on AMA Podcast

In January, Cuker CEO and Chief Creative Officer Aaron Cuker was the featured digital brand expert on San Diego’s American Marketing Association podcast, ‘This Week in Marketing’. Aaron sat down with host Kevin Svec to discuss digital marketing, building brands, and social media’s impact in today’s digital era.

The podcast was divided into four segments, ranging in topics from evolving digital channels to allocating a client’s marketing budget.

Segment 1: Kicking Things Off
Hear about Aaron’s background, how Cuker was formed, and the process of building a brand.

Segment 2: Building a Digital Brand from Day One
Aaron dives into the details of brand building, the mistakes businesses make in the process, and the importance of storytelling and developing a brand story.

Segment 3: Social Media’s Role in Building a Brand
Aaron and Kevin discuss social media, influencer marketing, and emerging trends to keep in mind for the future.

Segment 4: Educating Clients on Building a Brand
To cap off the show, Aaron puts his client hat on to talk about budgets and how agencies can educate clients on the importance of brand building.

Listen to the entire podcast for Aaron’s insight on the evolving world of digital marketing.

About San Diego AMA
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