Cuker Partners with HydraFacial

Cuker is excited to announce a new client partnership with HydraFacial, one of the fastest growing wellness and beauty brands in the US. Cuker will work with HydraFacial to elevate it’s digital brand presentation across Web, App, and Devices. Cuker will also develop and launch campaigns for HydraFacial to drive engagement with B2B partners and consumers.

About HydraFacial
Based in Southern California, The HydraFacial Company has a 22-year long history of revolutionizing skin health for aesthetic professionals and their clients. HydraFacial is determined to challenge the status quo and aims to turn the skincare industry upside down with their revolutionary techniques and products. As category creators, the company pioneered skin health innovation with their patented hydradermabrasion technology. HydraFacial sells products in over 87 countries and performs millions of treatments each year. To learn more, please visit