Cuker Teams Up with Global Pool & Wellness Leader Fluidra

Cuker recently partnered with Fluidra, a leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment, to leverage digital marketing and strategy to drive awareness, engagement, and sales for their family of pool brands.

Cuker will work with Fluidra on UX Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, and digital campaigns to convert awareness into revenue growth online and in-store.

About Fluidra
Known as a global leader in the pool and wellness industry, Fluidra has a long legacy of innovation and a history of providing quality products and brands – all in an effort to exceed customer expectations and deliver the perfect pool experience. Working with the best brands in the business, Fluidra develops and distributes a diverse product offering that covers every niche of the pool industry – from the pool equipment that runs a pool to the chemicals and cleaners that keep it pristine. To learn more, please visit