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"Not for the fashion weary" is one disclaimer to attach to this unique Los Angeles shoe company. Stampd' LA mixes up obscure pop culture laden messages that are transformed into artistically appealing graphics and then applied to each shoe by hand. Stampd' LA eclectically melds the influence of the underground hip-hop culture and new wave influence of the 80's to deem each shoe as a work of art- each pair being as unique as their owner.

Sneakers and the growing phenomena of having the latest kicks didn't just spring up out of nowhere. Nike, who also emphasizes design and color, has successfully proven that a sneaker (namely the Air Force 1) can be marketed to virtually every subculture. Over 10 million pairs of the iconic Air Force 1's were sold last year alone. Ironically only one NBA player still wears them to play the sport. And while each pair of Stampd' LA Converse are vastly different from the mass produced Air Force 1's, these two "colorful" shoes share some common traits: subcultures such as skateboarding, hip-hop and global fashion in general have all had their share of playing an influence in the modern sneaker obsessed youth. Even The New York Times recognizes the surprisingly profound impact of sneakers. "...the desire to be the first on the block to wear (or "rock'') a new sneaker drove city youths into a frenzy - think of Run-DMC in shelltoes or the Ramones in Converse high tops."

While Stampd' LA gets their fair share of this sneaker obsessed market, the company transcends the conformity of mass produced goods that everybody else is wearing by being able to customize your own pair of Converse on their website. Stampd' LA kicks are craftily designed and individually hand painted with the utmost attention to detail. While they maintain a distinctive and artistic component, the culture that backs these exceptional sneakers are why they remain baller.

It's no wonder that Stampd' LA's avant guard approach to this market is taking the fashion scene by storm. E! News Daily did a feature on the shoe-obsessed culture in Los Angeles. The spot featured the sneaker-fixated crew from HBO's hit series, Entourage, and then delved further into the fashion trend, by focusing on Stampd' LA's more creative approach to classic white Chucks.

Gaining this kind of media recognition with E! News Daily's culture consumed coverage has already raised Stampd' LA's online sales by 700%. With this kind of product it is inevitable that people are going to talk and create a buzz around the product. Lucky for those who customize their Chuck Taylors, no one else will have the same pair!

Customize your own kicks: www.stampdla.com View E! News video clip