Ethical Social Media

At Cuker, we believe in the power and positive impacts of social media. The medium has revolutionized our lives and the ways we connect with the world. There are many benefits for consumers and businesses to adopt social media. Families and friends can connect much easier, while businesses can reach their audience quickly and more effectively. Yet with all the empowering aspects, we are also conscious that there can be negative impacts when social media is consumed without humane, ethical, and responsible approaches.

With more advanced technology and innovations comes a higher level of responsibility. As leaders in the digital space, we will do our part to incorporate practices that will help overcome the negative effect of social media and improve the future of the social world.

This is our 4R Approach:

Responsibility - It’s important to be cognizant on the material you are putting out and taking in on social media. Try not to spread negative or fake news on social platforms. Take responsibility for incorporating ethical practices in all social media marketing work.

Rights - Be transparent with customers on how their data is being collected and used so they can make educated choices on their privacy.

Representation - Incorporate diversity and inclusivity within your social platform initiatives. Break down stereotypes and overuse of unrealistic portrayals of people and life.

Respect - Be accountable when it comes to stopping the spread of misinformation and overly persuasive design practices. We believe that social media should bring us together, not tear us apart.

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Social media is a part of our daily lives and helps us stay connected. As long as we apply ethics to new innovations, we can overcome the negative aspects of social media. Together, we can incorporate responsibility to move towards a better future in social media.