Quiksilver Hits The Spot

Quiksilver and Cuker Interactive have upped the ante in the digital skate world with a new viral video featuring Tony Hawk, Alex Olson, Danny Garcia, Kyle Leeper, and Reese Forbes. The 3-minute video called "The Spot" is already proving to be a Web sensation, garnering over 20,000 views in the first two days alone.

The video begins as a regular skating clip that soon transforms the homepage into an interactive, full-screen skate park. As the embedded video player itself dissolves, the skaters appear to jump out of the video box and perform awe-inspiring tricks on the shifting graphic elements.

From concept to execution, Quiksilver and Cuker Interactive worked together to bring this unprecedented vision to life. The top-secret shoot was filmed in a massive green screen studio in San Diego and included the entire Quiksilver skate team and team ramp builder, as well as Cuker's skilled technical directors and project managers.

The Quiksilver skate video created a buzz before it even launched, as famed skater Tony Hawk Twittered pictures of the shoot and Fuel TV filmed a behind-the-scenes episode that will air in late June. With accolades piling up across the Web and viral momentum growing daily, "The Spot" continues to break the mold and raise the standard of digital technology used in action sports marketing.