Singlefin Sells!

We recently launched Singlefin's new website, which features their free managed security options such as archiving integration, e-mail backups, anti-virus protection, outbound filtering and more. Singlefin was acquired by software giant, St. Bernard Software 6 months after the launch of their new website!

Their products are very high-tech and Singlefin originally came to us looking for a website that would feature their merchandise in a way that their target market could understand. Singlefin saw enormous growth in a matter of months after we launched their website. The way we restructured their website added a huge advantage to their online sales. We created Flash demos so that the customers could more easily understand the features and benefits of the merchandise. We used optimized landing pages to their advantage so that customers could browse products with ease, thus translating to a higher conversion rate for customer acquisition.

This quickly caught the attention of St. Bernard Software, who decided to remove Singlefin from the competition by buying them out.

Apparently we aren't the only one's who saw potential in Singlefin, because with their newfound image and recognition, Singlefin caught the attention of a great company to take them to the next level. Jake Jacoby, founder and President of Singlefin celebrates the recent business acquisition: "St. Bernard Software has an excellent reputation with small and medium enterprises, and we are excited about the opportunity to extend new and unique value to these customers."

Through their recent acquisition, Singlefin is able to further extend their managed hosting services on a larger scale. Due to their new brand image and involvement in the media through various means of press, Singlefin is moving on to the next level. We're proud to take the responsibility of helping Singlefin achieve a higher level of recognition and increase their opportunity.