Sunbelt Rentals Sees 250% Increase in Leads from Website Launch

Sunbelt Rentals, one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America, partnered with Cuker in January 2018 for a complete web redesign. Since the new responsive site has launched, Sunbelt has seen a 250% increase in web leads as well as overall improved user experience online.

Our partnership has helped this industry powerhouse continue to grow and scale its business across the US and Canada. Learn more about our work for Sunbelt Rentals here.

About Sunbelt Rentals
With more than 825 locations, Sunbelt Rentals provides construction equipment rental and services to commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and specialized service industries to weekend do-it-yourselfers. Sunbelt’s extensive fleet exceeds $7.0 billion and includes general construction equipment, industrial tools, pumps and power generation equipment, trench shoring, scaffolding, remediation & restoration equipment, and more. Learn more at