uPro Golf GPS In Golfweek Magazine

Integrated products design company uPlay recently announced the product launch of their latest mobile electronics device, the uPro golf rangefinder. The innovative, interactive device combines state-of-the-art GPS and laser range capabilities and boasts a high-resolution color screen, video flyovers, aerial photography, and advanced satellite tracking.

To introduce the uPro device to a worldwide audience, uPlay needed a sleek, information-heavy website that could adequately convey the innovative development and unique design of the product. Cuker Design developed a sophisticated, polished site that displays a 3D rotation of the uPro and features an interactive demonstration of the product's extensive benefits.

In addition to an extensive product description, the website also includes an advanced Course Finder functionality that allows users to find courses throughout the country and map out and download them on a click and buy basis.

The uPro's innovative design has already received widespread acclaim and was featured on the cover of the February 2008 edition of Golfweek Magazine. Golfweek praised the new product, reporting that this "distance measuring device gives golfers the best in both GPS and Laser technologies in a sleek, user-friendly system." The magazine also called it "the most functional and intuitive hand-held rangefinder in the industry."

To generate pre-sale interest prior to the product's spring release, Cuker Design also implemented a comprehensive web marketing strategy that introduced the uPro device to market and garnered the attention of dealers and distributors. With the implementation of a pre-sales option, a significant number of deals had already been secured prior to the product's official launch.

In this small but competitive market, uPro's innovative product design and sophisticated web presence has made it one of the most exciting golf products to be released in years. The enthusiastic approval of Golfweek has helped to further propel the uPro GPS device into the top echelon of mobile golf products.