What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Curious about Amazon Marketing Cloud? Learn the benefits of AMC and how it can boost business.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe data clean room solution, designed to help marketers measure performance across different media channels. So, what exactly is a ‘data clean room’, you may ask? There’s really no single definition, but its role is to provide a secure place where advertisers can safely share data without violating user privacy.

Amazon Marketing Cloud gives marketers the transparent data they need to make more informed decisions about their communications efforts.

Built on Amazon Web Services, AMC supplies advertisers with customizable reporting on event-level data across multiple data sets. These data sets offer businesses a more complete and holistic view of campaign performance.

How Does Amazon Marketing Cloud Work?

Amazon Marketing Cloud is designed to maintain the privacy of end-users, so only aggregate analytics are available.

Event-level data on individuals can’t be seen and all aggregations have to include a minimum of one hundred different users. AMC provides advertisers with insightful information without compromising the consumer privacy.

AMC also lets marketers join advertiser data to Amazon events data, creating an even bigger opportunity for cross-channel analytics, as well as the option to enable custom attribution.

The platform’s data clean room works with Amazon’s tracking data, linking consumer actions with impressions, clicks, and conversions. Marketers then create reports tailored to their unique business goals, channels, KPIs, and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a reliable way for marketers to record and analyze audience engagement across a variety of channels, mediums…and more. Here are four other notable benefits of AMC.

  • Cross-media insights

    AMC can generate reports using data from both Amazon Advertising and your own datasets. This process allows brands to implement more insightful reporting across marketing channels.

  • Custom analytics

    Control is key! Amazon Marketing Cloud gives users total control to personalize the datasets available to them. AMC offers analytic reports that are customizable, providing marketing teams the data they need without scouring through mountains of information.

  • Privacy-safe

    As mentioned previously, AMC provides a secure place where data is safely shared without violating user privacy. With the end of third-party cookies, marketers are looking for other ways to implement cross-channel reporting. Amazon Marketing Cloud offers an alternative which puts privacy first to help provide consumers with a safe, user-friendly experience.

  • Boost conversions

    Amazon Marketing Cloud can persuade your audience to complete forms and provide insightful information, which helps boost overall conversion. This can also indicate which campaign segments require optimization, thus increasing the chances of campaign success.

    How Advertisers Can Use AMC Effectively

    Know your audience

    The more you understand your customer and their journey, the better you’ll appropriate campaign dollars. Amazon Marketing Cloud helps you understand which stage of the marketing journey customers come across your ads. This allows you to determine whether an ad reaches customers at the awareness stage of the marketing cycle or at the point just before purchase. Why is this so important? This information can help you formulate valuable conclusions for creating ads in the future.

    Improve campaign results

    With AMC, you’ll get more detail and insight about your marketing efforts. Robust reporting gives you in-depth data about your audience, reach, frequency, plus campaign performance by media channel, geography, and more. These results help improve campaign performance and drive business growth.

    Combine media channels

    Amazon Marketing Cloud can help you determine your audience’s preferred channels, frequency, and what specific actions are taken on each channel. This information allows you to combine top-performing channels to maximize reach and generate high-quality leads.

    Getting Started With AMC

    Curious about Amazon Marketing Cloud and how it can boost your business? Cuker can help you drive more revenue and increase conversion through Amazon. Collaborating with your brand, we can build your presence, boost campaign results, and grow your business through the power of Amazon. Let's talk!

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