Cuker CEO Gives Back to Families In Need

Every January, our CEO makes a trip down to Rosarito, Mexico to give back to less fortunate communities. Aaron packed his truck full of toys, blankets, food and water to hand out alongside the Rosarito Red Cross and Herrick Family volunteers.

Many of the people living in these communities live in poorly insulated houses or dwellings - making it unbearable to live comfortably during the cold winter months without enough food or warm blankets.

“It’s always so humbling to put into perspective the things we take for granted. Being able to give one of these kids a soccer ball or a coloring book or a soft blanket lights up their world,” says Aaron. “I’m always inspired because it makes such an impact on the lives of the children and families.”

A big thank you to the Herrick family for putting on this tradition each year, as well our client Little Giraffe for donating hundreds of beautiful blankets to these well-deserving families.

Watch Aaron’s trip below.