Cuker Designs Total Safety’s B2B Commerce on SalesForce Lightning Experience

In the last few years, more and more businesses are placing a high priority on eCommerce and online shopping development. Cuker recently worked with Total Safety to design the brand’s UX for their eCommerce platform on Salesforce B2B Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning Experience?

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a new, fast, and intelligent user interface. The platform allows businesses to create an eCommerce experience that’s more intuitive, efficient, and can lead to higher sales.

Salesforce’s B2B eCommerce platform helps companies overcome many challenges with solutions based on advanced configurations. As a cloud-based, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce Lightning is a dynamic solution for all types of businesses.

Total Safety’s B2B eCommerce UX Design

Tailored specifically for Total Safety, Cuker designed a custom eCommerce solution on the Salesforce B2B Lightning Platform. From a UX design and development perspective, the objective was to keep functionality intuitive – making it simple for businesses to shop and buy equipment and supplies. We created the initial design with usability and responsive layout in mind, dividing items into specific categories.

Do you need help with your B2B eCommerce site?

Utilizing Salesforce Lightning Experience, Cuker creates a premium eCommerce experience that drives online revenue. With features like advanced product merchandising, mobile payments, and inventory tracking, our eCommerce solutions can empower your company and grow your brand. We create performance-driven eCommerce solutions that combine brand culture, premium content, best practices, and streamlined path to purchase.

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