Django: The Unrivalled Content Management System

The Python-based web framework known as Django has been a hot topic in the news recently, as word has spread that it allows developers to quickly create complex, database-driven websites that are clean and high-performing. Cuker Design has been using Django for years and agree that is the most reliable content management system available.

Clients often ask us why we think Django is a superior framework and our answer is always the same. It's simply the cleanest, easiest and most efficient way to manage online content. Django says it best with their own tagline, "The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." Whether you need a simple news article manager, interactive blogging tool, or complex e-commerce system, this highly customizable web framework has few limitations.

Wired Magazine, the world-renowned tech magazine that reports on how technology affects aspects of culture, economy and politics, acknowledges the pragmatism and unparalleled features of Django. "You'd be hard pressed to find something in the world of web development that Django can't make," the magazine praised, distinguishing it above older technologies like ASP and PHP.

The demand is constantly growing for web-based content management systems that are easy to use and have superior integration, reliability, and security capabilities. Django is leading the industry and has been named one of the hottest tech tools by Wired.