Forbes Recognizes Cuker Design's New Site For LMA

Forbes, as a major presence in the expanding global market, has recognized Language Media Agency for their pioneering effort to bridge the communication gaps in the multilingual markets in America. We recently designed their logo, imparted branding strategies, and launched LMA's new website with the underpinning idea to help their clients form a strong foundation of global and multilingual communication.

Marketing efforts geared toward non-English speakers is highly undervalued in America. The US Census Bureau claims that 12% of the US population speaks Spanish as a first or second language and Chinese is the third most-spoken language in the United States. LMA's goal is to help maximize the exposure of multilingual markets by offering translation services in many languages. They are able to do this through their website which allows them to position themselves as the liaison between an organization and the organization's target market. shows how companies can benefit from a range of translation services in languages other than English, without losing the slight nuances that characterize a language and culture. We designed their website to have a clean, modern look so that it's look would appeal to the wide range od customers that LMA is trying to target. By featuring easy to use functions, the website is a tool that drives potential customers to contact LMA for a quote.

The multilingual marketplace is virtually an untapped market in America and extending the LMA's web and print marketing services in non-English languages opens up a world of communication and commercialism. This avant-garde approach to global and multilingual marketization is significant enough to catch the omniscient eye of market-minded, Forbes.

The web-based PR that LMA has adopted has worked extensively in their favor and their website is the single most beneficial medium in which they are able to reach their target audience. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 70 percent of Internet users are non-English speakers. To say that America is in need of a multilingual organization establish its brand identity in the global marketplace is an understatement in the least.

To maximize the awareness of LMA through web-based press is one of the most efficient ways to showcase their range of translation and marketing services to the public sphere. This is exactly what the website serves its purpose as. LMA enables the conversation between their clients and their clients' customers. LMA's clients have the opportunity to target audiences that are normally not included as worthy marketing targets. But, when over 47 million people do not speak English in their homes, there is a serious need to maximize marketing collateral in this audience's mother tongue.