Quiksilver Game Scores as Viral Marketing Initiative

Quiksilver is one of the most widely recognized lifestyle brands in the world, popular for authentically capturing the surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding culture in each of their products, events and retail stores. Although already one of the largest manufacturers of surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment, the company looked to expand its brand presence and promote new products through an enhanced, Flash-driven website and important Web 2.0/Social Media channels like Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube.

After helping to design and develop Quiksilver's new website, Cuker Design set out to create a viral game application that would reflect the brand's signature surf culture and promote the company's new board shorts series by spreading the messaging to consumers across the globe. A comprehensive marketing strategy was designed around the new application to grow the Quiksilver email database, introduce the new product line, and increase traffic to the www.quiksilver.com website.

A funky, retro 80's themed interactive game was developed where users maneuver a computer-generated surfboard through digital waves for points. Total points are posted, encouraging players to play the game over and over in order to improve their score. The application also has a built-in viral component that motivates users to email their friends and challenge them to play the game. The new game was then promoted via banner ads on sites like surfiine.com and tied into popular social networking sites such as Facebook to gain viral momentum.

Viral applications like the Quiksilver game are powerful yet inexpensive tools for enhancing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, engaging present and potential consumers, and reaching the friends and associates of loyal customers. By tapping into the vast network of online consumers, Quiksilver was able to initiate long-term relationships with customers that will strengthen the brand and build sales. In fact, the Quiksilver application proved to be such a great success that nearly 20,000 viewed the game in the first two months alone.