Vix Makes A Splash

Global swimwear company Vix Swimwear made a big splash recently with the launch of, the new full feature, enterprise-level e-commerce site that spotlights the brand's celebrated collections. The new site features custom video and Flash animation that allows consumers an intimate, interactive view of the products and lifestyle that epitomize the Vix brand.

Since Vix is a high-end brand with a reputation for quality, the company needed an elegant website that would showcase the world-renowned work of designer Paula Hermanny. They also needed a sophisticated e-commerce platform that would enable customers to purchase quickly and easily online.

Cuker Interactive built an enterprise-level Web platform that includes powerful features like 1-page checkout, product grouping, and enhanced product merchandising for easy browsing and purchasing. The new store also simplifies the company's internal processes with automatic invoice generation and easy integration with their 3rd party fulfillment provider.

A comprehensive marketing plan was developed to support the site and introduce new products to consumers, including PPC, email marketing, social media, and SEO. The integrated strategy drives traffic to the site, spreads awareness throughout social networks like Facebook and Twitter, generates online sales, and encourages visitors to interact with the Vix brand.

The new site launched July 1 and has already won rave reviews from new visitors and loyal Vix customers alike. By every standard, the new site has proven to be an indisputable success - in the first month alone, sales had already tripled over the same period last year.