Mindbody – Business Analytics Campaign


MINDBODY partnered with Cuker for website development, digital strategy, and a business analytics campaign to create increase awareness and boost engagement.

MINDBODY's software has transformed its vision of helping small business owners into the world's leading wellness services marketplace, linking hundreds of thousands of passionate health, wellness, and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

The goal was to build out a gated, interactive website for MINDBODY customers and prospective customers to access important data regarding how its competitors invest and perform. MINDBODY is constantly looking to keep its customers informed on the latest and greatest in the health and wellness world, so they can provide the best tools and software to help them excel in their business.


Of Small Businesses emphasize marketing as their top growth strategy

The Approach

Cuker worked closely with the MINDBODY team to make sure the data was presented in a clear and digestible way, while making sure MINDBODY's distinct branding and tone were on point. Because the site is interactive, Cuker's development team ensured that the microsite was user-friendly and responsive on all fronts for those accessing it.


Of customers engaged


The Business Analytics campaign provided MINDBODY customers with valuable data on how their business compares to its industry's top performers. MINDBODY has been able to provide the gated site to leads who are interested in its software, generating new business and overall brand awareness for its multitude of services.

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