Winning in the Digital Age

We combine innovative technologies with proven digital expertise to develop strategies that grow awareness, traffic, engagement, and sales. We analyze emerging markets, positioning, customer profiles, behavioral data, and more to identify opportunities that will grow your business.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Cuker partners with Brands for digital transformation. We provide frameworks and guidance for innovating your marketing and digital customer experience. We help you leverage the transformative power of digital to create a winning strategy.

Vision & Roadmapping

We help you discover the vision for your digital brand and develop a plan that empowers you to reach your goals.

Planning, Forecasting & Benchmarking

We help define business goals, create a plan for success, and use our benchmarking tools to measure progress and results. We empower our clients with growth and insights.

Competitive Analysis

We perform extensive industry surveys and provide both short-term and long-term recommendations to give you an edge over your competition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By combining data, best practices, and CRO expertise, we optimize your website user experience across devices to increase engagement and drive revenue growth.

Consumer & Market Research

It all starts with knowing your customers. We measure brand affinity, awareness, and household penetration. We will help you survey your customers and uncover valuable information to develop business strategies. We combine data and advanced market research to provide actionable insights.

Audience & Personas

We work with our clients to gain customer insights and develop audience specific strategies. We create user journeys, audience personas, empathy maps, and data-driven insights to improve your digital user experience. We identify opportunities to leverage technology that delivers more personalized digital experiences.

Lifetime Customer Value Strategy

The best customers are your current customers. From nurturing to retention, we create strategies that add value and fortify long-term relationships with your customers.

Content Strategy

We develop winning content strategies to build your brand culture with consistency across digital channels.

Accessibility & Compliance

We help you navigate the complexities of compliance and accessibility bringing the right partners and technology for your digital platforms.

Marketing Strategy

We combine innovative technologies with proven digital expertise to develop marketing strategies that grow awareness, traffic, engagement, and sales. We analyze market positioning, customer profiles, emerging markets, customer data, and more to identify opportunities to grow your business.

Case Studies

Technology & Partners

We pride ourselves on having the highest accreditations and staying at the forefront of technology and tools that help our clients grow.

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We are passionate about helping our clients outperform the competition. With over 16 years experience and 180+ industry awards, we partner with brands we believe in to accelerate growth.

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