Red Bull – Go Big.

Strategy, Social Media, Campaigns, Website & App Design

Red Bull partnered with Cuker for digital marketing and campaign activation across social media, website, and digital channels. Red Bull needed a digital agency partner that could think big and create disruptive viral concepts to help them stand out while leveraging the power of digital to reach the masses.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

Red Bull was looking to engage with targeted audiences online in an authentic but disruptive way. Staying true to the Red Bull brand, they were looking to hero athletes and feature larger than life performance on their digital properties. Our goal was to engage with fans on social and digital platforms with fun and entertaining interactive campaigns.


Campaigns and Digital Projects

The Approach

We collaborated with Red Bull to develop contests and promotions to support their thrilling, high-energy sporting events. Our digital and social campaigns would stimulate engagement, generate buzz, and help expand their brand following.

We launched an interactive Social Campaign with Pro Snowboarder Mark McMorris in partnership with Oakley. We launched social campaigns with Pro Surfer Jamie O'Brien. We also ran digital campaigns that supported Red Bull Activations with Formula One, Rampage (Mountain Biking), and Felix Baumgartner’s Skydive from the Stratosphere.

Red Bull also hired Cuker to manage their website, design the UX for their Surfing Community App, and Design a Formula 1 Racing App.


Of Impressions


By creating elevated digital design and delivering unique and edgy content to Red Bull fans, we were able to enhance the company’s social footprint and create excitement about the brand. With a fresh, integrated digital strategy, our campaign helped elevate Red Bull to a higher level. On social media, fans worldwide connected with the brand and the extraordinary abilities of their athletes in a whole new way. Authentic content and inventive event promotions boosted brand awareness, social engagement, site traffic, and growth.

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