Callaway – Redefining Golf Technology

Website, eCommerce, Software Development & Digital Marketing

Callaway partnered with Cuker for website design, eCommerce, software development, and digital marketing to drive awareness and sales. We developed the uPro Golf GPS website and built the web portal software to create a fun and unique user experience.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

The goal was to redefine GPS companion technology for golfers with HD aerial course views and real-time course information. Golf courses continually modify their distances, hazards, and fairways, causing a unique challenge for golf GPS device manufactures. Our goal was to create an app where uPro GPS users could easily download golf course data, similar to getting music on iTunes. Together with uPro, we knew the concept would change the game forever. By providing such a unique user experience, we would increase sales and elevate the brand.



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The Approach

Our approach was to make the uPro website showcase the advanced features of this new innovative device. The look and feel of the site had to be on par with the highest expectations of golfers everywhere. We designed the UX of the web based software to make it easy to update your GPS device and purchase golf course information. We launched eCommerce for consumer purchasing of devices and courses. We then launched a 360 Marketing campaign across search, digital advertising, email, and social media.


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Campaign Success

In less than a year, the uPro’s revenue soared and products were being sold nationwide. With these results, industry leaders sought to acquire the company. Ultimately, Callaway Golf purchased uPro and retained Cuker to continue to evolve the website and web application and scale internationally. Callaway’s uPro GPS was featured on the Cover of Golfweek. Our work enhanced the Callway’s user experience and enriched engagement which helped boost sales, increased traffic, and continued to grow the brand.



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