Vans – 50 Year Anniversary

Digital Campaign

Vans partnered with Cuker to launch a digital marketing campaign to increase brand engagement and drive digital growth. Cuker launched the Vans 50 year campaign including a website showcasing five decades of brand history.

Beginning as a core skate brand with footwear purpose-built to handle the wear and tear of skateboarding, Vans has since transcended into fashion, music, and streetwear culture building into a global footwear leader.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

Vans wanted to celebrate their impressive 50 year anniversary with a campaign aimed at engaging their community through digital. We were tasked with envisioning an interactive web timeline experience to act as the digital hub for the anniversary campaign. The goal of the website was to take visitors on a journey through the significant events, achievements, and milestones that propelled Vans to become a dominant global brand and cultural icon.


Years Of History

The Approach

We took a mobile-first user experience design approach. With over one hundred static and rich media timeline elements, the challenge was to develop the appropriate navigation strategy. To reduce friction and allow for power browsing, we incorporated a right-navigation feature that enables visitors to toggle between different parts of the page-skipping years and decades to avoid over-scrolling.


Of Impressions

Campaign Success

By using cutting-edge responsive design technology, we launched an engaging mobile and desktop experience that created an evergreen home for the brand’s history. Van’s digital campaign generated a huge amount of attention, producing millions of impressions from fans around the world.

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