X-1 – Waterproof Audio

Branding, eCommerce Website, & Digital Marketing

Cuker partnered with X-1 to develop a strategy for digital growth including re-branding, website, eCommerce, and integrated digital marketing.

The Opportunity

H2O Audio, the most trusted brand in waterproof audio solutions for swimmers and aquatic athletes, recognized a new market opportunity for their innovative waterproof technology. The company leveraged their 10+ years of patented technology to expand their product line beyond just water sports, creating weatherproof and sweatproof headphones and cases for running, triathlon, fitness, outdoor sports, and more. With this shift in product focus, H2O required a new brand name and identity that would speak to a larger, more versatile group of athletes. That’s where Cuker stepped in.


Introducing X-1

H2O Audio faced a challenge – reaching new groups of athletes while maintaining their core fan base of aquatic athletes. After conducting extensive market research and competitive analysis, we settled on a new name for the company – X-1, powered by H2O Audio. The new brand, inspired by the Bell X-1, the first vehicle to break the sound barrier, was brought to life through a new logo, brand standards and the new tag line, "Breaking the Barriers of Sound."

Putting a Face on the New Brand

Next we built a showcase to showcase the possibilities of the new brand.Due to X - 1 's extensive and varied product line, we shot all of the imagery so that the different elements could be combined a la carte for each application.


Bringing it to Life

We worked with renowned sports photographer, Jon Segesta, at locations around San Diego to capture lifestyle imagery and action shots of professional athletes ranging from triathletes to stand up paddleboarders. We also called in our friend Mike Smith of Smith Studios to capture some dynamic, killer images of the products.


Assembling All the Pieces

We explored a wide variety of options for the look and feel of the brand, and then developed X-1’s look through the images we captured during the photoshoots. This was translated into a print campaign targeting X-1’s core customers, with ads in Competitor Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, and Women’s Running Magazine.

The Retail Experience

In order to expand into new retailers and tell the X-1 story at the point-of-purchase, we created new packaging that would excite retail buyers and speak to athletes of many disciplines, from all-purpose athletes at big box retailers like Sports Authority to specialized athletes at niche stand up paddleboarding shops. A hinged flap was designed for the cover to maintain the package’s structural integrity while allowing consumers to see the actual product.


Digital Presence

Cuker was tapped for wireframing, design, copywriting, and website development of the new eCommerce site. The new X-1.com is a visually dynamic site with an improved user experience and easily navigable merchandising, featuring products clearly categorized by sport as well as a mobile optimized homepage.

Product Selector

Cuker created a custom Product Selector to help consumers navigate the product line and find the perfect audio solution for their needs. The Product Selector recommends audio solutions for consumers based on gender, fit, sport, waterproof requirements, and more.


Social Media Integration

Cuker unified X-1’s brand identity on social media by designing new skins for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, while also integrating Facebook Social Plugins into the website to make it easy and intuitive for users to share X-1 productsacross their social networks.

Breaking The Barriers Of Sound

At the launch of their rebranding Xterra decided to go all out and have us concept, create and produce a promotional video that they would featured on their website as well as their various social media outlets.


X-1 For Women

During the re-brand, a market opportunity to create a product line exclusively for women was also identified. To fill that gap, we built out a sub-brand geared towards strong, powerful female athletes; one that could sit alongside the current X-1 brand but also speak directly to the unique needs of female athletes with an ultra-lightweight design, a shape designed to fit women’s ears, and safety features.

Outrun. Outlast. Outshine.

For the launch of X-1 For Women, Cuker wrote, produced, designed and edited a 30 second web commercial.

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