ArcLight – Jason Bourne

Digital Campaign

ArcLight Cinemas partnered with Cuker on a digital campaign strategy to build excitement and drive audiences to the latest Bourne film.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

The success of the Bourne films has created a loyal following among action-thriller fans worldwide. With the latest installment, our goal was to engage movie-goers and drive them to ArcLight Cinemas for a unique and exciting movie experience.



The Approach

Capitalizing on the buzz about the series, Cuker harnessed the power of social media to deliver strategically targeted ads. We used location, audience, and behavioral-based targeting to create broad awareness. To increase engagement, we built out experiential marketing at ArcLight Cinemas’ national branches and integrated it with our social media campaign. We launched a contest leveraging social hashtags to encourage user-generated content. As fans poured in to see Jason Bourne, many participated in sharing their movie experience through social media.


Increase in Ticket Sales

Campaign Success

Within a few weeks, our cross-channel digital marketing campaign created over a million impressions and attracted thousands of movie-goers into ArcLight Cinemas to see the new Bourne movie. We helped ArcLight reach new audiences across the nation and drove returning customers back to their theaters. This successful campaign boosted engagement, awareness, and online sales, resulting in significant ROI.

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