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Fan Diego - Modern Elegance

We led the strategy for the transformation of the digital brand. Our work started with a vision between our team and Fan Diego and resulted in the best digital experience for their category.


Our approach was to inspire the creativity in our audience, showcasing galleries of rooms with ceiling fans for a currated shopping experience.


With over 10,000 products we found the need for a narrowing tool and an effective guided shopping experience.


We launched a Fan Customizer Experience that allows consumers to self serve, selecting their color and finish preferences.


Fan Diego's passion lies in delivering quality customer service as they have been in retail for over 44 years. It was time to take on digital with the same mindset.

Delivering a revolutionary digital experience that disrupts a market starts with big thinking.Combining decades of industry knowledge from the client and a passion for challenging the status quo from our agency team, we are proud to have changed the game, one - upping the competition.

Fan Diego will use the new platform grow digital business and drive retail pull through delivering a premium, 360 degree experience for their customers.

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