ZEISS – Advanced Optics.

Brand Elevation & Campaign

ZEISS partnered with Cuker for design, communication, and content strategy to help grow the brand and drive sales for their new sports lens collection.

With over 100 years of premium lens manufacturing, ZEISS combines technical expertise and innovative ideas to create exceptional visual experiences. The brand develops and distributes lithography optics, measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera lenses, binoculars, and planetarium technology.


An Inside Look

The Goal

Cuker collaborated with ZEISS to launch its sports lens collection brand and redefine the outdoor performance experience. Our goal was to establish a unique brand presence catered to ZEISS’s audience and create awareness for the company and their advanced optical products.

The Approach

Leveraging the company’s values and vision, Cuker worked to adapt the brand definition for a cutting edge and contemporary presentation for the sport lens collection. As we developed our communications strategy, it was important to establish that each lens in the collection is engineered for optimal performance in any given sport. Fortifying our approach, we elevated the brand experience through an updated content strategy, image direction, product architecture, and digital and print collateral.

Campaign Success

By implementing an integrated brand experience, we bolstered awareness for ZEISS’s new sports lens collection, increased audience engagement, and drove online and retail sales.

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