Simplified Online Grocery Shopping

The shift to online grocery ordering is creating new opportunities to drive trial and velocity at grocery retailers. We combine digital technology with available product and shopper data to make the customer experience much simpler. By accessing the data relevant to your products and implementing attribute-based search filtering, your customers will find the products they’re looking for.


Instacart is the North American leader in online grocery shopping and is one of the fastest growing companies in eCommerce. Capitalizing on the shift to online grocery shopping, Cuker maximizes Instacart’s platform to grow awareness, boost sales, drive trial, and motivate repeat purchase behavior with your targeted audience.


We help our clients increase product visibility, reach new customers, and drive sales through strategic campaigns on


DoorDash offers a suite of advertising offerings that allow brands to reach new customers and grow their business on the DoorDash marketplace. With DoorDash, we offer multiple tools for brands to get in front of their customers all the way through to the point of sale.

Uber Eats & Postmates

We run advertising campaigns that reach customers on Uber Eats and Postmates delivery service platforms. We expose your products to new customers driving trial and revenue gains.


Kroger is the nation’s largest grocery chain and now one of the top U.S. eCommerce retailers. With more than 2,200 pickup and 2,450 delivery locations, Kroger has increased customer demand for eCommerce during the pandemic. Kroger reaches 98 percent of customers with a seamless shopping experience centered around ordering, pickup, delivery, and ship-to-home service. We leverage Kroger’s online platform to reach new customers, drive velocity, and increase sales.

Retailer Advertising

Effective retailer advertising is not just promoting sales within a platform, it also influences sales off-platform as well. Cuker helps brands optimize their advertising campaigns for ROI and machine-learning based optimizations to help your brand messaging reach the right audience on the right retail platforms.

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