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Stampd - Urban Sophistication

Stampd LA is a unique fashion line combining luxury, sophistication, and urban style. Stampd’s westcoast ‘avantstreet’ line of apparel and accessories has been featured in Hypebeast, GQ, and global fashion publications. Cuker Partnered with Stampd during the invention of the brand bringing a digital strategy that would prove to be the cornerstone of the brand’s success.

Stamp'd Hats website design portfolio

Stampd’s unique vision for streetwear was quickly adopted by artists from Lil’ Wayne to Kanye putting the brand on blast within the hip hop and fashion community. Followers flocked to the website for an opportunity to get this exclusive apparel. The clean, contemporary website was designed to focus on the imagery and the products’ style.

We also developed a feature that allows customers to be notified when new products are dropped. Stampd rolled this into a model of exclusive releases where consumers are notified on the date of availability, and generated a global demand for the exclusive fashion line. Stampd’s style and approach has reshaped streetwear and created a global audience.

The strategic partnership has proved you don’t have to go through traditional distribution models to have a successful fashion line in the digital age. If you have the right vision, dedication, and an effective digital strategy, you can be successful in this new generation of entrepreneurs.

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