Yoga Design Lab – Live Beautiful

Brand Elevation & Global Digital Marketing

Yoga Design Lab partnered with Cuker for global digital marketing and to elevate the company’s brand. Yoga Design Lab chose Cuker for our digital experience, innovation, and ability to help brands grow within a competitive marketplace.

Yoga Design Lab creates beautiful, premium yoga mats and accessories with a focus on style, quality, and a commitment to the planet. From mat designs to their tribe of conscious yogis, the brand encourages people to be bold, unique, and beautiful.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

Collaborating with Yoga Design Lab, our goal was to increase direct-to-consumer (D to C) online sales, boost US & international market growth, and expand big-box distribution. To accomplish our goal, we would communicate their ‘beautiful’ brand ethos, engage prospective customers, and convert awareness into revenue growth across the business on a global scale.


Increase in Traffic

The Approach

Inspired by the Bali lifestyle, Yoga Design Lab wants you to ‘Live Beautiful’. In developing our communication strategy, our approach was to turn this philosophy into a creative opportunity. We optimized Yoga Design Lab’s Shopify Website across 5 international regions increasing conversion rate by 100%. Our ad creation and photography would highlight unique product design, performance, and finding beauty within all things. Leveraging our digital leadership, Cuker executed the brand strategy and ran digital marketing to drive awareness, traffic, and sales across D to C and wholesale channels.


Increase in Online Sales

Campaign Success

Through our digital marketing strategy, we increased D to C sales, boosted awareness and engagement, and helped grow the Yoga Design Lab brand globally. With this campaign, a new partnership was born and we’re proud to work with a brand dedicated to social responsibility, unique products, and ‘living beautifully’.


Increase in Conversion Rate

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