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Cuker partnered with GoMacro for digital marketing, strategy, and eCommerce growth. Born in a kitchen and mother-daughter owned, we’ve helped GoMacro grow into the #1 selling bar brand in the natural grocery channel and the fastest growing brand in the category.

Since 2004, GoMacro has been building a bar company that creates a positive impact and who believes that small choices can add up to big change. GoMacro’s story is about a mother-daughter team who used a plant-based diet to fight cancer, a commitment to sustainability, ethically grown ingredients, giving back to the community, and so much more.

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An Inside Look

The Goal

GoMacro had a BIG message to share. The goal of the Bigger Than A Bar campaign was to spotlight GoMacro’s brand story, its unique health benefits and overall global impact. We needed to communicate the message that GoMacro is not just a bar - it’s a movement for positive change. The campaign objective was to help GoMacro grow brand awareness and stand out in a highly competitive market, while also driving online and in-store sales.


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The Approach

Cuker supported the Bigger Than A Bar campaign with brand storytelling techniques, a powerful campaign video, an updated website design and integrated digital marketing.

To bring this campaign to life, we produced a video that would inspire and build a deeper connection with GoMacro’s audience by sharing their brand story with impactful visuals. The video was centered around the campaign’s five pillars: Made with 100% Renewable Energy, Sustainably Grown Ingredients, Plant-Based Nutrition, Mother-Daughter Owned, and Giving Back.

The website needed to clearly communicate the Bigger Than A Bar message. We designed and developed a homepage update that would highlight the brand story while also ensuring an easy and enjoyable shopping experience on both desktop and mobile. We incorporated a video banner, product animations, rollovers, and spotlighted GoMacro’s manifesto with a mix of graphic elements and typography. The campaign’s five pillars were also featured as CTAs encouraging visitors to learn more.

To spread the word about Bigger Than A Bar, we launched a 360 cross-channel digital marketing campaign, utilizing social media, search, video, audio, display, and an effective email marketing strategy. We needed to share GoMacro’s story with their current customers, while also increasing brand awareness and driving online and in-store sales. We also worked hand-in-hand with GoMacro's social team to broadcast their lifestyle content to millennial, health-conscious consumers.


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Campaign Success

We effectively launched the Bigger Than A Bar campaign, driving brand awareness and building a deeper connection with GoMacro’s target audience. The visual storytelling was a key to the success of this campaign. With a powerful brand story, beautiful imagery and strong digital presence, GoMacro was able to capture more market share and drive both in-store and online sales. Through digital marketing and increased awarenesses, Cuker has helped GoMacro become the #1 selling bar brand in the natural channel and launch into national big box retail distribution. Using the power and reach of digital, GoMacro is now on the way to becoming a household name.

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