Nationwide – On Your Side

Brand Transformation - Strategy, Website, & SEO

Nationwide collaborated with Cuker for digital strategy, website design, social media integration, and SEO to grow their digital brand.


An Inside Look

The Goal

When Nationwide acquired online pet insurance leader VPI, they needed a strategy to incorporate their offering into the Nationwide umbrella. Our goal was to develop a comprehensive strategy to reinvent Nationwide’s brand experience and maintain the value of VPI’s digital footprint.


Pet Insurance Brand

The Approach

We collaborated with the Nationwide leadership team through a series of workshops to establish the brand transition from VPI to Nationwide Pet Insurance. Our objective was to optimize the digital experience for Nationwide customers. Cuker’s strategic work covered the areas of digital and mobile experiences, content strategy, product architecture, social media integration, personalization, and conversion optimization. We also focused on SEO to defend top search engine rankings for the term ‘pet insurance’.


Rankings on Google for Pet Insurance


By creating an extensive strategy, we were able to reinvent Nationwide’s brand experience and help the new pet insurance division lay the groundwork for success in the digital era. VPI was able to make a seamless transition into Nationwide Pet Insurance, retaining customers, protecting top Google rankings and supporting the growth of the Nationwide brand.

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